Picking The Change Out Of Students Pockets

This story has been buzzing around for a couple of days now.

Davis High School has been fined $15,000 after they were caught selling soda pop during lunch hour, which is a violation of federal law.

The federally mandated law prohibits the sale of carbonated beverages after lunch is served. The program is an effort to help fight childhood obesity and to have young students make better food choices. 

The mandate allows for carbonated beverages to be sold before lunch, but restricts students from buying lunch, then purchasing carbonated drinks afterward.

“Before lunch you can come and buy a carbonated beverage. You can take it into the cafeteria and eat your lunch, but you can’t first go buy school lunch then come out in the hallway and buy a drink,” said Davis High Principal Dee Burton.

Principal Burton said he does not understand the law with rules that seem to be contradictory.

“We can sell a Snickers bar, but can’t sell licorice. We can’t sell Swedish Fish, we can’t sell Starburst, we can’t sell Skittles, but we can sell ice cream, we can sell the Snickers bar, Milky Ways, all that stuff,” said Burton.

Wait a's OK to by the pop and then go into buy lunch but you can't leave the lunchroom to go get the pop second?  You can buy a Snickers but you can't buy licorice?  You can buy ice cream but not Skittles????  WTF???????

And apparently Davis High School is not the only Utah School snagged.

Box Elder High School received a similar violation notice during the current school year resulting in the Brigham City school having to pay $19,000 back to the program, said Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah.

But if you think the school is going to take the hit, think again.

These fines hurt big because money generated by the machines helps to buy computers and support various student activities.

"The money that we use from the vending machines and pop go to put on our school musicals; to buy music for band and orchestra and the choir programs; to help debate," said Dee Burton, principal of Davis High.

So the arts take a hit because nanny government feels that these kids can't make healthy food choices on their own. 

Congressman Rob Bishop took to the floor of the House to decry the action.

Utah Rep. Rob Bishop questioned the federal government after two high schools were fined thousands of dollars for federal nutrition violations.

Davis High School was fined nearly $16,000 for having vending machines accessible during lunch. Box Elder High School faced $19,000 fines for similar violations.

The fines were imposed because of violation of the new Healthy and Hunger-free Kids Act. Rep. Bishop spoke on the floor of the US House of Representatives Thursday in opposition to that act, saying it goes against the US Constitution and was opposed by numerous organizations.

Of course, one does have to wonder why Utah's Congressional delegation didn't raise these concerns when the bill was being voted on in 2010? 

Still in all, at some point the control freaks within the Obama Administration are going to have to realize the same thing that parents have known for generations....the more that you prohibit your teen aged child from partaking in something the more determined that they are to partake in that thing.  Whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex or junk food - the more enticing you make it seem to them, the more that they crave it.

Parents have learned the art of education and give and take.  You let them have the junk food (in moderation) and you educate them on the dangers of sex outside of a committed relationship.  You tell them about the dangers of overindulging in alcohol and you don't make it as attractive as if you were to just prohibit it.  And at some point, you have to let go of the reins and trust them to make intelligent decisions on their own and be ready to allow them to suffer the consequences of the bad decisions. 

Which is something that the Obama Administration can't do...let the American people make their own decisions and take the consequences of those decisions.


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Written by LL.