Locked And Loaded

Saul Alinksy wrote (in the Progressives handbook "Rules For Radicals" that the best way to fight was not to fight abstractions like bureaucracies and corporations but to "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.".  It is a tactic that they used well in 2008 to get Barack Obama elected President and what they are doing today to try to marginalize any and all who not  just have different points of views, but against those who happen to associate with those that have different views.  William Jacobson, at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion documents out some of the less obvious examples of this that have happened of late.

Welcome To Total Political War

And I’m not talking about the attempt to get advertisers to stop advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s show, or Fox News, although that would be bad enough.

I’m talking about the second-tier of the warfare, the attempt to intimidate those removed by one or more degrees of separation from the dispute, and to use them as tools against the target.

We have seen it a number of times in the past couple of years.

When King & Spalding agreed to represent the U.S. House of Representative after Obama changed positions  and announced that the Justice Department no longer would defend DOMA in court, there were not only protests against King & Spalding, but threats to picket and protest clients of the firm who had nothing to do with the dispute.  The threat that clients of the firm who were completely unconnected to the dispute would be harrasseed was enough to cause the firm to withdraw the representation.

Similarly, when the new Rhode Island Attorney General announced that he would cooperate with the federal goverment in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, protesters not only invaded the lobby of his offices, they picketed his house and confronted neighbors about the issue.  Dragging his neighbors into a dispute which had nothing to do with them did not cause the RI AG to back down, although not for lack of trying.

Which brings me to the present dispute with Rush Limbaugh, and radio show host Kim Komando, who has a very well-known computer talk show.

What did or does Komando have to do with the dispute? Nothing, except that one or more of the advertisers targeted by the anti-Limbaugh groups also advertises on Komando’s show.  Komando received a flood of e-mails demanding that she drop the advertisers.

Now anyone who has listened to Kim Komando's show knows she doesn't take a lot of foolishness from anyone on anything.  Her reply to the emails was lengthy and pure Komando!

On Thursday, March 1, I began receiving a series of complaints from both listeners to The Kim Komando Show and non-listeners, concerning on-air comments made by Rush Limbaugh about Georgetown University Law Student Sandra Fluke and Ms. Fluke’s comments.

News stories of these comments and the ensuing fallout are readily available. Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a synopsis within this Statement.

The majority of the comments directed toward me were critical that:

    Certain sponsors of The Kim Komando Show were also sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh Show.
    To that end, I had not brought pressure on those sponsors to discontinue their advertising schedules with The Rush Limbaugh Show.
    Therefore, I must, in some way, agree with Mr. Limbaugh’s positions.
    Further, as a woman, I should be especially sensitive to his comments and should have been among the first to denounce him...

...The old saying that, “Hindsight is 20/20,” is especially true for those of us in media who speak extemporaneously and perform our work without a script. And yes, I believe that Mr. Limbaugh could have phrased his opinions in this matter differently and should have acted much sooner to diffuse the entire situation (if that is possible at all).

However, I also firmly believe in the First Amendment.

Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants.

The public has the right to champion those comments or reject them.

The public also has the right to bring any of the comments that we, as radio talk show hosts, make to the attention of advertisers, whether those comments are made on or off the air.

Advertisers, in turn, have a right to spend their advertising dollars as they see fit.

Finally, in turn, you have the right to patronize those advertisers or not.

A good number of Rush Limbaugh advertisers have already withdrawn their business from the program. More will undoubtedly follow.

In this instance, everyone is clearly within his or her Constitutional rights.

It’s all part of the First Amendment, but sometimes free speech isn't pretty, in good taste or well chosen.

With all this said, I know that some of the comments directed at me have come from long-time listeners to my program. I appreciate them all.

But many others are not my listeners. Rather, they are individuals who are motivated by commentators, bloggers and others with a particular political agenda. It is therefore clear that there is an on-going attempt to use me and my program as leverage to bring further pressure upon Rush Limbaugh.

I also do not believe that, “as a woman,” I should be particularly offended at Mr. Limbaugh’s comments. If you perceive a situation as tasteless or offensive, your gender, beliefs or other demographics do not intensify your opinion or obligation to comment.

It is regrettable that this situation has occurred. Nevertheless, above all else, The Kim Komando Show values its advertisers and its listeners, and I in particular value the loyalty and trust they have shown to me over the years.

We are not a part of the Rush Limbaugh controversy. We will continue to make the best decisions for our program and for our listeners and our advertisers regardless of the politics involved.

The left and the media (pardon the redundancy) has been working over time to silence anyone who does not walk in lock step with their agenda.   As many found out in Wisconsin - neutrality is NOT an option with these thugs.  If you are are not in lock step with them, then you are an enemy that mus be silenced AT ALL COSTS.

This, in a nutshell is what the Democrats and the media (pardon the redundancy) is all about any more.  They can't win the battle of ideas so they resort to thuggery, threats and intimidation.  The question now remains is will they be allowed to get away with it?  If they continue to take on business owners like Kim Komando, I suspect that the answer will be no.

But in spite of their calls a year ago for a "New Tone" in discourse, you can see that the targets have been identified and the left and the media (pardon the redundancy) have their guns locked and loaded on them.   The left and the media (ptr) are engaged in an all out war on those who don't walk in lock step with them. 

Written by LL.